Being brave

If my Family would know that I´m starting to do Things I love they would probably kill me. But I´m 20 Years old for crying out Loud. I should be abled to make my own Decisions without asking for there permission. I don´t wanna be a Rebel or something I just wanna be independent. Let´s see what will happen as soon as they found out.

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Getting my Life back

Took a Time off to see how everything went but it was a Crap. Just had a Couple good Days but most of them were a piece of sh**. On Thusday I wasn´t even be abled to hold a Pen, I was bitchy to my Friends and didn´t care about myself. I´m tired. That feeling is the strongest at the Moment. Everything seems to be worthless and boring.


All I want is to get my Life back, the Happy One...

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