Broke his Heart

Did you ever wished for a Resetbutton in your Life? Erase all that Crap that ever happen to you? Well, I did. So many Times I didn´t even can´t count it anymore. Like Today. I broked up with my Boyfriend because he´s a Dreamer and I´m a Realist. I´m feeling like shit right now. I loved him but I´m not strong enought to manage his and my own Life. I´m to weak for this. So a good Day turned out to be a bad one. Like most of my days. I´m sitting here and thinking that he must be so hurt right now instead of thinking that it is the best of both of us. My heart is so big that I´m always concern about other Peoples feeling more than my own. It sucks.

29.9.13 17:07


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